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May. 27th, 2014 11:45 pm
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❚❚❚❚❚ consignment.


Apr. 29th, 2016 12:01 am
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anon on; ip logging off; screening on
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Jack Benjamin ( 25)
I don't cuddle. I'll manage companionable silence whilst sitting closely. Sex is also on the table, and preferred. Women need not apply for the latter, unless accompanied by someone with a dick intending on being an avid participant.


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"You've reached Jack Benjamin, assistant for ImPort Public Relations in Maurtia Falls. Clearly, I'm otherwise occupied - you know the drill. Name, preferred method of return communication, and message.

Thank you."
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So, powers! The main one this permissions page is going to be geared to is Charm Speak, which works sort of like a mind control power - Jack says "go get me a beer from the fridge" in a certain tone and inflection, and the listener feels compelled to go get Jack a beer from the fridge. Here's the in depth detail for it, along with his two other powers:
Charm Speak :: I'm taking a lot of this from the Percy Jackson canon, as that's the one I've mostly heard this sort of power used in. Jack will be able to use a sort of mind control that means, if he speaks with an express purpose of utilizing this power, those that he's targeting will feel immediately compelled to do whatever he tells them to. At the time, it will seem like the most logical thing in the world to the target, and/or they'll feel a strong urge to do whatever they're asked to win Jack's favor (I'm thinking I'll leave that up to the players of whoever he uses this on/have it affect characters differently). However, this power is going to be based more from a mental manipulation, psychic sort of standpoint, not in attraction or in sonics like the PJO power is. It'll work more like a kind of telepathic power, and tap into that commanding sort of nature of his, Jack's general willpower put into taking control of things, and charisma he actively displays in canon when wanting to enforce his will on others/get his way politically. So (at least at first) he'll have to have his undivided attention put into the activation of the power in order to make it work, and he'll have to train a great deal to make it work on more than one person, and over something like the network rather than in person. But it is not something Jack can use on accident. He has to consciously enact it.

Shape-shifting :: Jack will be able to change his appearance at will - clothing and height and weight included, basically think Mystique minus the walking around naked part (most of the time minus the walking around naked part). He'll have to know the exact details of what he's mimicking (if a person has a birthmark on their butt that Jack isn't aware of, it wouldn't show up if he's shape-shifting to impersonate them). It will be limited to only humanoid shapes (likely restricted to purely human for a while before he trains it enough to manage, like, Turians), and the further the change is from Jack's natural form in terms of mass and biology, the shorter the span of time he'll be able to spend in it. As he first starts training this power, it'll be, like minutes, probably. And he'll have to work at it to build it to hour(s). It will also be an entirely physical change - not an illusion.

Flawless Hair :: Regardless of what horrible tumbling Jack may do, his hair will constantly be in a state of perfect looking. Well, since perfect-looking is subjective, it'll be whatever Jack considers perfect-looking, for whatever occassion is going on at the time. No styling products required. So basically if Kitty Jones pats his shoulder, he'll have insta-bedhead and it'll be very embarrassing.

The only questions this permissions form will have for YOU are going to be based on Charm Speak - the others I just tossed in for sake of reference. But here's the form I'd like to have you guys fill out:

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NAME: Jonathan "Jack" Benjamin
CANON: Kings
AGE: 25
ALLEGIANCE: Salvaggio Family
BRAND: Left inner side of hip, about 3". Because he's a ho.
JOB: Gambling Coordinator


TRIGGERS: homophobia (will get either a very mean or very violent response from him), daddy issues/so much as saying the name Silas Benjamin to him, the Bible, suicide/suicidal ideation, a mild sort of PTSD coming out of a gruesome war and having seen men he was attached to slaughtered.
FIGHTING: Sure, expect retaliation. Jack sort of uses violence for coping, so go for it, and also kind of gets off on it, so punching Jack means that a fight will happen. He was a ranking officer in his canon's military, and did at least two years of front line combat in an ugly war, likely a fill 5 years of military service, so, while he doesn't have an special powers, he is very capable of putting up a good fight.
AFFECTION: Sure, but as a rule on reciprocation or Jack's reaction to it, generally, if Jack hasn't voluntarily touched you, it's probably not a great idea to touch him if you're expecting anything reciprocating. He might even just dead-eye you until you let him go, depending on who it is. For real, dude doesn't even hug his own mother back. He is, however, very promiscious (with men, but will be with women if it means he gets some kind of benefit or leverage from it - he's gay but used to playing at straight), and will definitely get physical for the sake of flirtation, emotional manipulation, or getting someone to feel comfortable around him if he feels like he needs to. But if it's an honest response you're getting from him at the moment, if it isn't about to lead to Jack getting off, he's not going to be keen on it.
INSIGHT: Go for it, re: telepathy. Let me know your dude is trying to peek in his head and I'll supply some small text to help out. Jack's thoughts are going to be a lot different from what's coming out of his mouth. He's constantly hiding a lot of things, and he's not nearly as pleasant as he acts.
MORE: Nothing comes to mind :|a


CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] Wuzzafuzzle
PROSE V. ACTION: Usually action, but I can roll with either.
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AGE: 26
CONTACT: Wuzzafuzzle on Plurk and AIM

NAME: Jack Benjamin
JOURNAL: cicatrize
AGE: mid to early twenties, I'll call him 25
CANON: Kings
CANON POINT: Post series

x )
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Please feel free to use this post for anything unit lead related, whether it be feedback or plotting! For anything character related, Jack's HMD can be found here. Anonymous is ENABLED. Comments are SCREENED.

If you have feedback regarding how I play Jack as a lead, please let me know! Do you need him in your inbox? Do you have a plot idea in mind? Anything else in between? Drop it right here and I'll do my best to help.
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no one makes pretty images of jack happy 8| so i cheated and used sebstan, fite me

also im shallow

●●●About JACK
i'm not interested in being polite or heterosexual

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as decreed upon this plurk, all reds are now bunnies. aka, someone made a 'benjamin bunny' joke and we decided everyone on red has to have bunny, bun, or rabbit in their name

Barnaby Brooks Jr: Bunny Brooks Jr
Jack Benjamin: Benjamin Bunny
Shinobu: Shinobunny
November: Novembunny
Bucky Barnes: Bunny Barnes
Peter Parker(s): Peter Rabbit, Bunny Parker
Sasuke: Uchibunni, sasook uchibun
kakashi: hatake bunkashi
wesley: wesley bunson, bunny gibson, bunley bunson, the little assassin that could
amber: ambunny
clint: clint bunton, the velveclint bunbun
joel: jobunny, jobun, joel bunny (his missing last name)
erik: erik bunsherr, BUNNETO.
roxy: rabbit lalonde, bunny lalonde, roxbuns
carla: carla bunrir
dirk: dirk stribuns
dave: dave stribuns
corvo: corbuns attano, corbunny, corvo buntanno
deadpool: wade bunnyson, deadbunny, bunnypool
sylvanas: sylvanas bunnyrunner
ino: ino bunnyaka
ellie: elbuns, elbunny, bunllie, ellie bunny (b/c lbr, joel's daughter)
samus: samus bunran
havoc: havbuns
cissnei: bunnei
fetch: fetchbuns, bunnigail walker
loki: buni laufeyson
kai leng: bunnai leng
johan: bunhan leibert
maias: bunnias
makoto yuki: makoto bunki
ken kaneki: bun buneki
juuzou suzuya: suzubun
fang: oreba bun fang
akame: akabuns
april: bunpril
trip: bunnytrip


and dagger we just decided was bunnybutt tbh.
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Considering I can pretty much watch Talbot in her sleep, I've got more infomation on her than you really want to hear about, including what song she sang in the shower this morning. It was something about 'love shack' and sounded inappropriate for general audiences. On Selena, she spent the majority of her time shopping or hanging out with friends/roommates/acquaintences/me. She bought a good amount of weapons, clothing, a lot of alcohol, a camera, a board game, went for a spa treatment, etc. She also bought a new wardrobe for Dagger, for which he repaid her with putting live pheasants in my goddamn room. His interpretation of 'turducken', apparently. It's been a hassle keeping Ringo from eating them. Room 031 (Talbot, Baku, Brink, me) went to the Selena beach for a while as well with company (d'Artagnan, Dirk Strider, a few others), and she spent the majority of the time flirting with d'Artagnan in the water. It was precious. I nearly shed a tear. Largely, her time on Selena was spent as a vacation, recreational, with no suspicious activity observed.

Once back on Neheda, she assisted with supply transport, I didn't see her involved in any of the medical crates. Gifts purchases on Selena were passed out, and room 031 spent time playing Risk (of which Jack Benjamin won a great deal) and mixing the massive amounts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks into inventive cocktails for her and her dashing roommate to enjoy. On day 70, when the supply crate in medical was pulled apart during the blackout, she was in room 031, and I'd checked in with her shortly after. soon, she'd made it to the medical wing to meet new recruits. I kept in regular contact, and sent our bahari, Ringo, between the two of us as well as Topher Brink. She's since been spending the majority of her time patrolling the areas of the ship as per Green assignments, and taken to watching over new recruit Lucy (M02-B25-281) as per PKN7 buddy system assigned by Aeryn Sun. Aside from that, there doesn't seem to be much more involvement with PKN7 or Shepard, though I did question her about it.

[ thread is on-going, but there will be a transcript of this inbox conversation attached to this report. ]

The following are her recent network communications.
Day 67 | Communication with Dagger.
Day 71 | Communication with Armada and myself. [ transcript included for inboxed conversation ]
Day 71 | Conversation with me.

❚❚❚❚❚ D'ARTAGNAN | NHD-C12-DRT-230 | FILE
D'artagnan may not be my roommate, but he is practically attached at the ass to me. On Selena, he spent the majority of his time being on vacation and taking in recreation. He attended room 031's time at the beach, and went shopping with new recruit Caroline. He recieved his assignment as a Green team unit lead, and Green units went to help defend against the giant, metal space ball that terrorized Selena for a while. D'Artagnan went to play hero for a while. He likes that. He flirted with Talbot a lot, they grow up so fast. Shopped more with Hanna and Elena, babysat Koroleva while Alina and Sturmhond went to go have some gross date and make out and do ridiculously sappy things, probably. Spent the night with Athos over, who may or may not have some kind of creepy crush on him if I wasn't pretty certain Athos doesn't know what things like sex and affection are. Anyway. He bought a lot of weapons, and some gifts.

He wasn't much involved in moving supply crates, and hasn't been near medical since returning to Selena. Generally, this is typical behavior, because he's a stubborn shit that doesn't like to admit when he's injured. Again, likes to be a hero. Once new recruits arrived, d'Artagnan had mostly been involved with his team, patrolling as per orders around the ship in shifts, one partner having been the new recruit Caroline. He'd volunteered to assist with Wes, Barnaby and I's effort to make traps and markers, insisting on using his Juggernaut unit to act as bait for the creature, too which I said was a dumb idea, but you know, hero. Etc, etc. He's been practically glued to me since, as if he thinks I'm going to trip over something and die. It's cute, but a little demeaning. Hero. As far as his personal feelings on various things in this mission, when asked about Shepard, he mentioned that he knows she's close to Garrus Vakarian (who seemed very upset over her arrest). D'Artagnan wasn't pleased with how Shepard had talked to Alina either, and arguments with the unit leads over the flow of information. His thoughts were summed up as follows: that she's stupid, that she picked a really bad moment to have a mini rebellion and she shouldn't have done it. As for thoughts on the creature, he hasn't theorized where it came from, aside from the box in medical, and hasn't thought long on it, more focused on trying to protect the crew at large.

The following are his recent network communications.
DAY 67 | Communication with Daggger.
DAY 71 | Communication with a drag queen.
DAY 71 | Communication with Barnaby, Carla, Wesley and me.
[ there was also an inbox conversation between him and d'artagnan on Selena that Jack isn't sharing because a) it has no impact on any of this and b) it was super personal and no. ]

❚❚❚❚❚ WASHINGTON | M02-B25-619 | FILE
This guy seems ridiculously paranoid. His file says he's military and if you didn't get that, look at the armor he's stomping around in. Master Chief wannabe but not as huge. I didn't meet him during the "drop", only seeing him now, and there's virtually nothing from him on the network. guy stays very quiet and out of the public eye. Could be suspicious, or could just be someone with serious socialization issues. I followed him cloaked for the last few days off and on. He does a lot of stopping and typing - making logs, I figured out, though I didn't get close enough to really read much. Just what I heard him muttering out loud while he reread. Maybe used to voice recordings? What I heard didn't seem too suspicious, just notes on what's going on. Still, weird.

Otherwise, he's been on patrol for Green, often paired off with Claire Farron/Lightning. I made direct contact while under the excuse of doing supply runs for the trap makers in the safe hub. Aside from what's publically available in his file regarding Project Freelancer, I covered some of it with him, under the guise of getting help with carrying supplies. He was enlisted in this group as one of the 'best of the best', so there's a decent amount of skill there, even at the tail end of that list. He'd said he was "recruited" into that team, though I'm not sure of military history prior. His team had gone corrupt, and his file lists that he was unaware, being liked to, as it was taken apart and disbanded. There's something I don't quite understand in the file: "While being implanted with the AI Epsilon, Washington lost control due to the AI's self-destruction inside of his head." I couldn't find a casual means to question something so specific, but it's a good thing to keep an eye on. His file also decribes him as paranoid, untrusting, intrinsically moral, highly reactive to being threatened, and triggered by betrayal.

There is no network history for Agent Washington at present.

Not much to find, but I got a decent outline of what happened from Michelle Benjamin, though nothing confirming outside of hearsay. It seems, Shepard as having a tiff over Blue's unwillingness to disseminate information aside from to officers, to trickle down to subordinates as needed. She contacted Ghost, told him Blue is full of idiots, Ghost took offense, and she'd ended up with 72 hours worth of solitary confinement and being transferred to Grey. I spoke to Hanna about her as well, but she didn't have much different to say. Her companions from her world didn't seem to be happy about the annoucement, but doubt they'll attempt anything rash. Still worth keeping an eye on. They include: Garrus Vakarian, Javik, Tali'Zorah vas Neema. Recommending that we keep an eye on her after this event is resolved as well. From what she'd posted before on the network, she doesn't seem to have a lot of issue with questioning authority or dissent.

A record of her publically available conversations before being removed to confinement:
DAY 71 | Communication with Alina and Sturmhond
DAY 71 | Communication with Adrien
DAY 71 | Communciation with Sakura and Sturmhond
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Take any opportunity possible.
These are also great.
Attractive but likely difficult.
I don't actually know these people. Or it's Athos.
Save yourself.

Steve Rogers - Best ass on Ajna, built like he's carved out of marble. Very old fashioned, though. It'd take a lot of work.
Martin Septim - A decent person with a healthy interest in sex and looks like a model, difficult to find.
Adrien Arbuckal - If you can get past the overwhelmingly acerbic commentary, actually very enjoyable to be around.

Sturmhond - No idea if that's actually his name. If it is, I pity him. He's offensively good looking, but just don't try to have real conversation with him, he'll offer obnoxious advice. I'm pretty sure he's dating my rovermate, though, so likely off the table.
Aramis - I don't know anything about him except that he's French. Doesn't really matter.
d'Artagnan - Ridiculously noble, ridiculously charming, will treat you like a princess. Has a bad habit of making 'fuck me' eyes in casual conversation. Don't think he realizes it.
Peter Bishop - Witty, intelligent, handsome, not a prick about it.

Tony Stark - Should probably be higher up but he seems sort of patriarchal to me, so it feels strange. That and he has a committed relationship at home.
Wesley Gibson - Possibly paranoid and neurotic, but a good guy when it counts. Looks like Adrien without a beard. Not sure how likely you are to get into his pants, he might have them dead bolted.

Athos - Only down here because he's grumpy as hell and has terrible social skills.
Kakashi Hatake - I don't know, I just want to figure out what's under the mask.
Anders - I don't know, he has nice hair and does magic.
Thane Krios - If you want to try aliens.


James Barnes - Just don't even try. At all. It's safer that way.
Zelos Wilder - He looks like a woman. And he's more arrogant than I am.
Suit Guy 117 - I actually have no idea what he looks like, or if he even has genitalia, but he doesn't bathe, so no.


Jul. 7th, 2014 08:37 am
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— M01C12-018 | Damian Wayne :: HANDWAVE-JACK & BUCKY, distraction by jack tranq by bucky, poison by jack, milder dose/mild sickness (jack thought he wouldn't need as much for a kid, trying to save materials)
— M01C12-051 | Kurt Ambrose OPT OUT
— M01C12-069 | Etna ???
— M01C12-126 | Ino Yamanaka :: THREAD-JACK, heavy dose but no sickness, tranq dart grazed, med nin abilities heal it
— M01C12-167 | Stephanie Brown :: HANDWAVE-JACK, poison in food, heavy dose/bed ridden
— M01C12-246 | Dale Cooper :: ???-JACK, heavy dose/brutal sickness
— M01C12-374 | Thane Krios :: THREAD-BUCKY, heavy dose/intense sickness
— M01C12-610 | Zelos Wilder :: THREAD-JACK, moderate dose/mid symptons, one shot dodged, second shot hits
— M01C12-889 | Shuusei Kagari :: HANDWAVE-JACK & BUCKY, first attempt for food poisoning goes interrupted, kagari grabs hei for protection, bucky and jack double team on hei and kagari

- Emma Swan :: HANDWAVE-BUCKY, Mild poisoning, in the cocoa by bucky!!
- Parker :: THREAD-BUCKY, heavy dose but not enough to kill, slipped in her canteen
- Martin Septim :: HANDWAVE POISONING-BUCKY. bucky slips it into the rice and chicken Martin made. heavy dose, internal hemorrhaging, wants to thread aftermath as well
- Elena Gilbert :: THREAD-BUCKY. bucky slipping it into her blood bags, moderate dose, vomiting blood for a bit before she heals.
- Wesley Gibson :: HANDWAVE-BUCKY, poison in food, moderate dose/moderate sickness
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i will put things here that need new places because fuck captcha
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Info on Gliese's plant.

❚❚❚❚❚ CLOTHES.

visual aid, currently stored on the Neheda crew ship.
■ DUFFEL BAG WITH CDC ISSUED CLOTHES. Sleeveless storm jacket (grey), winter cloak (grey), insulated leather boots, full sleeved waterproofed shirts (2), lightweight waterproofed trousers (2).
■ BOUGHT/RECIEVED EXTRA CLOTHING. through shopping channel, supply drops or gifts.
  • (1) set clothes.
  • (1) winter coat.
  • (1) ear muffs.
  • (1) sunglasses.
  • (1) hat.
  • (1) specialized camo flak jacket (color tagged BLUE) - fsock absorption, thermal lining, environment-adaptive camouflage, lightweight, basic bullet- and fire-proofing.
  • (1) armor.
  • (1) pair CDC issue boots.
  • (2) face masks.
  • (1) specialized storm jacket (color tagged RED).
  • (17) undergarments, one waterproof???
  • (10) undershirts.
  • (8) pairs of socks
  • (1) Shoes (1)
  • (9) Type 1 Shirts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 )
  • (6) Type 2 Shirts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • (6) Trousers (one pair swim trunks) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 )
  • (1) Knee length wool coat
  • (2) Selenian coats (1, 2 )
  • (1) Head covering
  • (3) scarves (1, 2, 3 )
  • (16) rings (1-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 )
  • (7) bracelets (1-4, 5, 6, 7 )
  • (1) necklace (from tony stark )
  • (1 (last pair worn to shreds, replacement pair bought on Selena VII)) expensive leather boots aka now Ringos chew toys
  • (1) set formalwear for space prom (suit, shoes)
  • (1) replica of bucky barnes' tactical gear top, sewn by dirk strider

❚❚❚❚❚ WEAPONS.
COMPACT GAUSS GUN. (20 of 20) rounds chambered, 1 spare magazine 20 round capacity (20 ROUNDS), 5 spare magazines 50 rounds capacity (166 ROUNDS).
GILBOAN MILITARY RIFLE (SNIPING). (200) rounds remaining.
FANCY NEW RIFLE (SNIPING). (200) rounds remaining.
■ TRANQUILIZER RIFLE. (50) darts remaining.
TACTICAL SHOTGUN. (100) shells remaining.
PLASMA RIFLE. repair kit & 1 spare cartridge included, ajna supply drop 4, intact.
■ LASER CUTTER. supply drop 5, intact.
RAPIER. intact.
HUNTING KNIFE. Ajna supply drop 1, intact.
THROWING KNIVES. (1) remaining.
6" COMBAT KNIFE. Ajna supply drop 3, intact.
GLIESE'S POISON PLANT. Jack was given more plants for the hit list mission for Dagger, not sure how many though D:
■ (2) AMMUNITIONS CASES. swapped out with whatever gun currently using.
■ (1) .50 CALIBER SNIPER ROUND from bucky????
  • (0) screecher bombs.
  • (0) flash bombs.
  • (0) actual bombs.
  • (0) smoke screens

❚❚❚❚❚ TECH.
■ PERSONAL ITEM. Tablet containing Joseph Lasille's suicide note video; Shiloh, Gilboa - October 2009.
■ SYNCHRONIZER CUFF (RED). CDC Signal Upgrade - 7 mile radius for personnel locator.
■ NANITE GUN. (2) shots loaded, 0 spare shots.
■ LED FLASHLIGHT. Batteries 3/4 full.
■ CLOAKING DEVICE. Bought on Neheda crewship, Ajna day 30.5.
■ NIGHT VISION VISOR. Ajna supply drop 5.
■ CDC MEDIA LIBRARY DOWNLOAD LICENSE. Ajna supply drop 3. Media license currently premium.
■ BREATHING APPARATUS. Ajna supply drop 3.
■ PORTABLE SOUNDSYSTEM. for room 031, bought on Selena VII.

❚❚❚❚❚ OTHER.
CROWN OF GILBOA. Perfect condition, hidden in his room or carried around in his pack on rare occasion.
ENERGY BAR. (0) bars remaining.
■ CANTEEN (1.5 LITRE). Contains water.
■ CANTEEN (2 LITRE). Contains water.
■ WATER FILTER. Good condition.
■ GREEN FLARE. (4) remaining.
■ RED FLARE. (4) remaining.
■ MEDICAL KIT (BLUE). 1 pair scissors, 1 suturing sub-kit (12 needles), 5 nanite shot vials, 5 [REDACTED] vials, 5 rolls per standard gauze size, 2 boxes of band-aids (14 strips per box), 6 4 syringes local anesthetic, 1 bottle generic aspirin (CURRENTLY HALF FULL), 1 reusable face mask, 1 pair reusable medical gloves, 1 picture frame. (most supplies kept restocked given Jack works in the med tent inventory)
■ 1 HEALING TRINKET. from Michelle, bought on Selena VII.
■ 1 TIN OF MINTS (BLUE). 50g 43g.
■ 1 SHOVEL (BLUE). Intact.
■ 1 BODY BAG. ?????? why?
■ 1 GIDEON BIBLE (IN ENGLISH). Thanks, Dagger :|
■ DISPOSABLE DIGITAL CAMERA. bought on Selena VII, 5gb non-expandable non-ejecting internal memory, free printing up to 250 files, free data transfer to blackglass. 1 gb used, 5 photos printed.
■ WRITING TOOLS. 2 pencils, 3 pens, eraser.
■ SHAVING KITS. (3) remaining.
■ PACK OF CARDS. bought on Selena VII.
■ HARDWARE BITS & TOOLS. (1) 12 pc set of nails, (1) 12 pc set of screws, hammer, screwdriver, plyers.
■ 100G BOTTLE OF KETCHUP. 1/4 bottle left.
■ DEATH SQUAD PLUSH. received with ticket to Selena VII museum.
■ BIBLE COLORING BOOK + CRAYONS BOX. all crayons white crayola, from Wesley, bought on Selena VII.
■ (4) BOOKS. sketch things bought for Jack by Dirk on Selena VII: Improved Copy of 50 Shades of Grey, History's Passions: Stories of Sex Before Stonewall, The Healing & the Dying, Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War. Y e p. From Elena bought on Selena VII: The Twilight Series.
■ VARIOUS FOOD STUFFS. he always has a mix of something.
■ ALCOHOL. check last comment on received items, chances are he typically has something around.
■ EXPLICIT THINGS. i'm not going into this, but there is stuff and he has it. mostly just condoms.
■ SOAP, SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER. always has some amount of all on hand.

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